3 Day Notice Prior to Pay or Quit – Rent Template

In this template I will give you some sample of 3 day notice to pay rent or quite the work at any case. This specially designed template based on prior agreement between the two parties whose are concern in particular area. In this template of MS word each and everything will be discuss depends on “plaintiff” and “Defendant” mutually collaboration agreement.

Rent and lease template

Any other Possession party must also be enlisted in agreement, Date, Due from or “TO” name of Person and third party are also in this template with some descriptive body structure. Typical law terms and conditions are also includes in it.

Format of 3 Day Notice TO Pay or Quite Rent

3 Day Notice prior to Pay or Quit 

  • Plaintiff: …….. (Owner)
  • Defendant… Resident
  • To Resident and all other in possession …….
  • Street, Address, Unit
  • Date Starting to Ending
  • Availabilities (Days)
  • Owner Signature
  • Agent Signature

In body you must mentioned each detail regarding property any pursuant to section, civil code and any other clause in rules and regulation regarding property or termination of contract details.

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