Analysis Report Template Excel For Business Performance

Analysis is defined as evaluation of information in a simplest form by concentrating on all of its elements and uses it in form which can be more useful for business. Reporting in simpler terms is something written which an employ of business has noticed.

Analysis report template in combined form can be explained as raw information noticed by manager of business which can be useful for business if it is mentioned efficiently and can be written to provide the information to other employee of business for more benefits. The information can be recorded on electronic media in form of chart or table.

There are multiple types of analysis report included in a business. Here we will discuss some fundamental analysis reports.

data analysis

Various Types Of Analysis Report Template:

  1. Technical Analysis Report Template
  2. Risk Analysis Report
  3. Competitor Analysis report
  4. Data Analysis Report Template
  5. Gap Analysis Report
  6. Financial Analysis Report
  7. Annual Financial Analysis Report

Data analysis report

Raw data is form of data which is in simplest form and mostly very lengthy. the raw data is gathered from different departments of a business, it can be in numerical form or explained in words. to make this data useful for project managers and stakeholders of the business the data must be transformed into information which is precise and relevant for managers.

Advantages of data reporting

  • Data can be in quantitative form that is in numbers which can be understood able more accountant but not be user friendly for specific project manager.
  • This data can be converted in a form understandable for everyone in business.
  • It contains qualitative data which may consist of random information.
  • This information can only be useful if organized.
  • It helps in decision making as costs can be calculated.
  • Wastage of raw material and free labor time can be discouraged by making strategies based on data.
  • Efficient production plan can be carried out.
  • Project can be consisting of quality work within time calculated.

Template format for data analysis

Microsoft excel management template are most popular choice as they are most versatile software offering various types of templates. Cells can be adjusted according to the needs. Calculations can be made automatically. In the start of report introduction should be added specifically the purpose and topic of data. the reason for this report as this will decide targeted consumers of the report. Key information with exact figures can be added. Heading of result should be added to provide the overview of report. Report should be clear and updated.

Sales analysis report

This report typically shows rise or decline in sales of an industry in specific time period. the sales of a business decide whether a business is declining or rising. It therefore makes industry competitive in the market or makes it losing fame instead.

Analysis report Template Example 1Analysis report Template Example 2
data analysis report templategap analysis report template

Specifications of sales analysis report

  • Sales managers can examine the reports anytime to see the volume of sales in specific time period.
  • It helps them in decide whether which good production should be given priority over others;
  • Financial position of the industry can be guessed by stake holders.
  • The report cannot only show estimated sales in fact it can show exact sales of company monthly, quarterly or annually as required.
  • the report may be needed by project managers in distribution of resources accordingly.
  • The demand for product in the market can be viewed from exact volume of sales therefore deciding production of certain product or it should be stopped.

Microsoft excel template for sales analysis report

The templates in excel is mostly preferred by all kind of industries as template can be selected for monthly, quarterly or annual record of sales. however big businesses mostly prefer annually reports showing sales in quarterly as its time consuming to evaluate it after a month and secondly this time period can clearly shows the result as customers will be well aware of the product and has started using it.

This template is very useful as a person has to enter the details and the template will update it automatically and will show the exact results specifically in pie chart form. The template should show company name on top and products name below In a column. The further three columns shows heading sales in 1st quarter, 2nd quarter and 3rd quarter. The result can also be examined through pie chart showing volume of sales of specific product.

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