Basic School Admission Forms Format

Admission forms for different basic schools using multiple formats are added here which are designed to help schools. Primary admission forms as well as admission forms for nursery schools are also enlisted here. Schools and institutions are required to use admission forms to keep the effective records about the students coming to their school. Their previous school details are also observable form these admission forms.

Colleges and universities can use these admission forms to view details of the students in their college and in case of any requirement they can contact the school. Parents can be contacted in case of any emergency. Medical history of specific student can be determined as well as the allergy. These are specifically used when punishments are given by teachers to students.

Format of basic school admission form

  • School name and badge image is inserted.
  • Website, phone number and address is added
  • Student information is added.
  • Student full name, class, father name, nationality, region, age is added.
  • Father occupation, qualification and mother information is added in it.
  • Academic details are inserted in usually a table inserted in the admission form.
  • Fee details and admission fee is indicated.

School admission form Example 1


School admission form Example 2

school admission forms format

Scheduling Templates of School For Teacher And Students:

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Nursery school admission form format

Nursery school is adopted by most parents and guardians as kids are learning the basics of the education and learning moral values in the schools in entertaining way. While parents have selected a school for their kids they are require to fill a admission form and later on interviews are usually conducted with the kids before school give them admission to the kids.

Primary school admission form sample

Primary and high school is categorized on class’s basis however some schools are having both primary and high school classes. Father occupational details on the admission form are helpful to conclude the financial condition of the family. Basic school forms are therefore added here for both primary and high schools.

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