Benefits of Portfolio Dashboard Template

Several helpful project portfolio dashboard templates are inserted here for the project leaders to select dashboard software suitable for their company. Free project management templates as well as multiple project tracking can now be done without any interruptions due to availability of these templates. What is the role and responsibility of the project manager and how can he use the project dashboard to help in achieving targets on time minimizing time waste? Why portfolio software is required by companies?

Format of portfolio dashboard:

  • Risk management: you are able to track down the risks faced by the specific task and the percentage of the risk using portfolio dashboard template.
  • Operations: list of the team members and the targets given to them are added up in the dashboard.
  • Dependency: Fewer issues are faced once you are able to detect tasks and their interrelationship.


Whether you are a project leader in the company or you are a supervisor in the call center you are answerable for the targets given to you and therefore you are a person setting the challenges for your team and workers under you to achieve the targets. A dashboard in the call center is used to show the performance of the call center recently.

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