Car Mileage Log Spreadsheet Excel Template

For performance evaluation, maintenance and tuning of vehicle, car mileage log is a very important and helpful document. Also it keeps record of your fuel expenses. Using Excel log spreadsheet templates, you can easily create and maintain this purposeful record which you can use at various considerable ends.

These templates are especially designed to help you in equipping and short downing extensive assessment and evaluation. Instead of recording all the statistics manually on a paper and manipulating them yourself, you can get these results using vehicle mileage expense log template.

When it especially comes to domestic record keeping, it is very important that hold precise record of everything. Even in professional car tuning services, you can use these tools for recording the stats of your clients in order to track services for their vehicle maintenance.

Format of Car Mileage Log Spreadsheet Template

In routine life, purpose of car mileage log is to record per trip mileage and per unit mileage of car so that you can asses if your car is mechanically performing up to mark standards or not. In case you don’t find your stats to be satisfactory, you can easily track the problem and check what the feasible solution is to it.

Car Log Templte

Checklist of Car Mileage Template

Therefore the format of this draft may vary according to your target requirement. Just like car bill of sale template make sure about before designing it. However the general format of this document must contain some primary elements which hare listed below here;

  • Write the main title as mileage log for month, week or daily as you required
  • Draw a table with multiple columns and rows to record stats
  • In the left most column, write down, list down your trips and their distance
  • In the next column, list down fuel intake for each particular trip
  • Draw another parallel column and write the arrear quantity of fuel readily available in the tank
  • Now that dividing the total distance covered by total fuel consumed, acquire per unit distance mileage and total mileage
  • List down mileage details of each trip in the table and compare with various values for efficiency check

These are few primary factors that you must have in your in mind in order to ensure the performance of your vehicle.


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