Cash Receipt Template

Whenever dealing in cash payments, cash receipts are the most important expect in every deal you do with cash as the form of payment. Receipts are the proofs of what you have bought or sold. The money you pay for get for anything you get or receive a receipt for your payment.

Each cash receipt contains a column for date, day, company’s name, receipt number, total payment amount, balance, signature, payer’s name and form of payment. The formats of these receipts can be different but these contents will be found in every normal cash receipt.

Cash Receipt Template

Cash receipt template includes following columns;

 cash Description-ExcelTemp
  • Company’s name
  • Company’s address
  • Phone number
  • Receipt number
  • Date
  • Receivers name
  • Amount
  • Balance
  • Purpose
  • Signature

File Name : Blank receipt template available in .Docx form.

File Size : 66 KB

Author Name : Brandon Brown

Cash receipt template helps you get your work done quickly and efficiently providing ready made cash receipt templates. By just entering specific details, And by the use of formulas we would just need to enter the amount in numeric and it will automatically fill the alphabetic column by itself.

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