PESTLE is an abbreviated term which expands as political, economical, social, technological, legal and environmental analysis couture. It deals with all the necessary standing facts regarding any of the above described factors which commonly influence the projects, products and services with different magnitude. Using PESTLE analysis technique a project managerContinue Reading

This template is specially design for space job or aeronautical engineering job, sample of confined space analysis already given by related companies after their experience and workers facing issues in workspace. Mostly confined spaces like fire stations, underground sewerages and other has special permit before entering it, so that’s whyContinue Reading

In every company there is some procedure regarding workplace management, companies having own requirements related their current or upcoming operations. Mostly in construction company’s employees make sure their safety assessment and want something extra except their salaries for example insurance plan, medical and other like that. Every construction company alreadyContinue Reading

For completion of project in exact planning you must need each and everything like financial detail, risk planning, risk assessment, quality management and project management, so that’s why project manager need cost estimate template for completion of their documentation. Excel base template normally been use in this task, so getContinue Reading

Just like other life cycle relates template “vehicle”  “Industry” this particular type of template involves product related description, maintenance and other technical issues regarding initial to finalization phase. Each phases like Introduction, growth, maturity and decline calculated according to product phases, it’s very important document for project documentation and productContinue Reading