This type of agreement made between Lessor and Lessee regarding tangible equipment and personal property under some terms and condition with the notice of equipment type and condition. MS word template normally been use for this type of agreement. Any type of legal document, some importance detail must be consideredContinue Reading

This agreement template is used for commercial property like any business bakery, bank, saloon, coffee shop, garments and any other particular type. This is very important document, due to area used for commercial concern, so landlord should be complete documentation for safety concern regarding tenant, guarantor and premises. Although everyContinue Reading

Regarding typical nature of business has different agreement documentation for rental or sales purchase of commercial area. Here are some terms and condition must enter in this agreement of both or salon starting business. Starting Date is very important, due to taxing, insurance of property, construction and other legal obligationContinue Reading

These kind of template been use for maintain trust and reliable relationship between all encountered parties. Lease either of resident or commercial area having some legal documentation and some legal obligation, which helping all parties keep their statement. If anybody ignores pre-defined rules and regulation, than the Landlord or evenContinue Reading