Customer analysis template

Customer analysis is therefore helpful for the companies and industries to come up with the desired products as required by clients increasing their profit making power. A template is therefore chosen by a person understanding the customer behavior and indicating it on specific tool.

Understanding the customer needs and requirements is a initial stage for effective marketing campaigns to be launched by marketing department. It is important to identify target audience as advertisement and marketing plans are outlined successfully through this practice.

Customer analysis in marketing plan example

Prices for the products are decided once observing the competitors price therefore a price can be set more effectively for specific product according to its features and brand. Demand in the market can be observed before setting price. Low demand mean low price while more demand means high price of the product.

Format of customer analysis template

  • Company name is stated on the top of sheet in bold writing.
  • The purpose of preparing the sheet that is customer profitability analysis is added.
  • Date when the sheet was composed.
  • The table consisting of column headings must be customer activity and segment name.
  • Number of active members in the beginning of period as well as new customer added numbers can be viewed.

How to write a customer analysis

The primary stage when writing customer analysis plan is to observe the target audience therefore plans can be added to make the product more desired by them. It includes identifying gander of customers, region where it is most wanted and the age group which is looking for your product. It is useful to add strategies that how to let them know about your product.

Marketing plan customer analysis

Business plans are prepared to make business more profitable therefore a healthy marketing plan shows that who is going to buy the product and the users in a family who are going to utilize it. Survey are organized by companies to become aware what customers are actually looking in the type of product you are selling.

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