Daily Operating Expense Budget Template

Excel a project management tool been use in daily base management work. Maintain daily basis operational or operating expenses isn’t a difficult tasks, if you have multiple options as a project manager.

A project manager must know about their boundaries and how to manage easy to complex work in any situation. Operating expenses is an important documentation at daily basis and must manage by company’s special person for example finance manager.

For example if you are running a business, than some issues must be face at daily basis like, building Rent/lease, Equipment Rent/Lease, Product/Material, Coffee Etc.


Categories Operating Expenses Checklist

Marketing Expenses

  • Brochure
  • Website
  • Business Cards
  • Advertising

Administrative Expenses

  • Fax/Copies
  • Postage
  • Office Supplies

Sales Expenses

  • Mileage
  • Parking

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In template three columns manage with “Planned Expense” Actual Expense and variance between it. Any other operating expenses for example utilities bills, insurance of company’s staff and hidden expenses must also adjust in this template of excel.

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