Download Office Cost analysis with Pareto Chart Templates

This vertical bar chart been used in quality management for giving result of some limited tasks. This analysis base on most popular rule 80/20 mean, 20% work progress effect 80% of company revenue and defect also same. The theory regarding project manager is, you must focus first 20% initial tasks of any project rather than entire, this will impact on your whole system and project positively.

Office Cost analysis Templates

Count of effect depends on variation of cumulative vertical bar, shown in red line in image. In which you can see 20% of causes invent 80% issues in project management system. This Pareto chart been use also in project management documentation for clearing the picture of assuming VS actual result.

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  • Counts of Error (Left Site of Chart)
  • Vital Few (Top of Chart)
  • Trivial Many (Middle Section)
  • Problems (Below Of line)

In this post you can get Pareto cost analysis template in excel format, you can also use this template in other formats like Ms Word ETC. Normally this type of chart been use in financial calculation and particular project related statistics.

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