Format of Acknowledgement and Acceptance of Order

For informing the buyer or service acquiring end, you must follow an effective format for acknowledgment and acceptance of order template which could help other party to interpret the details of deal which you have shaped out.

Also a couple of other important details should be written in line so that there remain no confusion about what the pattern of activities and schedule of shipment and all. Receiving end must be clear about proposed procedure of everything. Based upon all these elementary requirements, here are a couple of salient factors regarding a devised format for this document;

Write the name of your company on the main title position

Write a sub heading beneath main title to define the purpose of document such as order acknowledge form

Address the client or business identity you are dealing with and state a few complimentary lines, including thanks for trusting your services

Categorically mention the details of goods or services being ordered along with their extended details such as quantity and price

  • After this, write the schedule f shipment and time required to complete the order
  • State any proposed terms and conditions being implied on the deal
  • Clearly inform your client about company policy in return of damages or any other complications in the deal

Keeping these couple of important factors in mind, you can create a really comprehensive draft.

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