General Receipt Template – Download Free PDF

Just like a normal receipt which we come across everyday in our normal life, general receipts are almost the same with a slight difference. Transactions which a not applicable in our daily routine like lending money to someone, buying some property or our virtual contracts.

If you purchase services from someone you can certainly not adore them with cash receipts, you’ll need something different. Here we use general receipts. Like providing proof that you and the other party has come to some sort of agreement over money, property or a document.

General ReceiptGeneral receipt template includes;
  • Company name
  • Date
  • Receipt number
  • Purpose
  • Received from
  • Received by
  • Address
  • Amount

File Name : “General Receipt Template” available in .Docx form.

File Size : 55 KB

Author Name : Brandon Brown

These templates are made for this purpose to facilitate people doing such things so that they won’t have to create these receipts every time they do such business. Download general receipt templates to save time and proper obtain the best possible results.

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