How to Create Excel Slicer Calendar – Tutorial Guide

Summarized way of getting information regarding available time and your daily activities, is possible through excel slicer calendar. It can be utilized for personal management of time or for your company in completing projects on time. Insight and specific information regarding where you spend most of time and therefore what is the leftover time in participating other daily activities or to check where most of the spare time you spend. Now you can handle multiple activities efficiently along your business tasks, through having time divided up in intervals, which is shown in this excel spreadsheet.

Excel slicer calendar features

Now you are able to view the time spent, over previous days or months through downloading this template and here are some highlights of this excel workbook.

Now you are able to save your time through determining where you are spending most of it.

Pivot Table:

  • Time at the present and time spent in the past can be seen. You are able to track down; where of the time of the day is gone through getting this template and recording all of activities in it.
  • It shows you the days in the month and week, and therefore the days are passed, and leftover days in the specific time period.
  • Multiple meetings are organized in companies and you are able to track down, which of these must be attend by you, and therefore how can you manage the available time for meetings and spending it on the other operations.

Workbook:¬†“Excel Slicer Calendar”

File Format: Ms Excel(xlsx)

Template Type: Advance (Free)

Reference Website: Link

Author Name: MELIH

It automatically generates and calculates time utilizes on activities and therefore leftover time is seen as well.


  • It saves your time and display, the most important meetings and pending tasks, you are able to better prioritize your tasks and complete them accordingly.
  • You are just required to enter time utilized for specific activity and therefore the portion of the day which is free for any other activity.
  • It can be used for any week, day, month or year; therefore you are able to manage tasks easily.

Now prioritize your tasks accordingly and divided them up efficiently in week. It is ready to use and prepared in calendar format.

Convert excel data to calendar

You are able to convert excel data into calendar as well, through downloading this template. Now you can enter activities for the daily or monthly basis in excel sheet and then viewing them in calendar form. Different themes and formats are available for this template.

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