How To Write Notice of Intent to Vacate

Deciding to vacate or move out of an apartment or an office which you have been using as a rental place to live or do your business, informing your landlord about it will be the first step. Doing that you’ll need to present a notice of intent of vacant.

Vacating a property more as a rental property requires some procedures to be followed. Like giving the place back as it was when originally rented. Or completing the contractual terms and conditions which were decided when you moved here. And giving a prior notification about vacating the area to a period which was decided earlier.Notice of Intent to Vacate

Notice of Intent to Vacate 1

Intent to vacate template includes:

  • Subject
  • Date
  • Your name
  • Address
  • Landlords’ name
  • Address
  • Reason of vacating
  • Date of vacating
  • Signature

Download free notice of intent to vacate templates for saving your time and hustle regarding what to be written by getting it free. This can be amended according to the need.

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