Job Hazard Analysis Template – Safety Risk E Book

In this chapter I’m going to explain about job safety management with some excel template, so before any planning or building huge amount of company structure make sure some pre-defined rules and regulation for example job safety designed template in excel and word format.

First of all one thing clear in safety analysis about company infrastructure, what type of potential hazards your company may or may not experience in such critical business situation. What type of pre-defined precaution should implement for particular type of company?

Job Hazard Analysis

Key Features of Job Safety Analysis


  • Title of position SOP/SWP NO:
  • Position Title (person who does job)
  • Department Section
  • Basic steps
  • Potential Hazards
  • Proceed to be followed


File Name : “Job Hazard Analysis Template” available in .Docx form.

File Size : 250 KB

Author Name : Brandon Brown


Footer of Template:

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At last but not the least make sure about structure of template been professional, so that you can prepare monthly to daily or annually template.

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