Life Cycle Cost Analysis Spreadsheet Template – Download Free Document

For initiating any project planning it’s very important to complete proper documentation regarding financial, management, asserts and other aspects. Initial and final costing till the end of particular project named life cycle of cost analysis.

Usually spreadsheet template has been use for monitoring each activity and tracks the statistics of every person involving in it. Companies must complete this analysis before implanting any project in existing environment. So let’s see how to design this template and work with online spreadsheet document.

Life Cycle Cost Analysis Spreadsheet

Life Cycle Cost Analysis through Spreadsheet

Here is list of some important step involving in it, remember these steps before draw a line in narrow path.

  • Initial Cost
  • Construction
  • Maintenance Cost
  • Operational Cost
  • Occupancy Cost
  • End of Life

So any more detail about this excel based template, contact the team right away, we have also available this template in many other format like PDF, PowerPoint and other MS word format.

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