Microsoft offers a solution for windows 10

Various issues are faced by people who upgraded their existing windows to windows 10 however Microsoft plays a vital role in this regard by offering a solution for this problem. Upgraded technology is adopted by people due to its ease of use as well as various unique features it offers.

Issues and solutions for windows 10

Installation and activation problems are faced by users who converted their choice to windows 10. It is however solved as it itself settle after some time. It is user friendly version of windows and users prefer it due to various unique features it offers.  It allows the user to convert PC into tab by changing its outlook of desktop. It can be used in the format of basic desktop as well as it can be changed into tablet.

Various new apps and music can be used in windows 10. Chrome is however causing a problem in it by responding slow or acts in a different manner. contaa is another unique feature which is effective and results in time saving by users . Emails can be sent to users by a single click instantly. One of the issues faced by users is however difficulty in managing emails.

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