Patient Medical Bill Tracker Software Excel

If a person is suffered with some medical problem and he need to visit medical healthcare center he come across a medical bill. Visiting hospital is common to find a cure of minor or major medical problem as it keeps a patient away from any critical condition. However when it come across a bill is important to understand it thoroughly before paying it out.  Trackers are therefore prepared by different healthcare bodies to create effective bills.

Record keeping is essential for hospitals also. Keeping accurate records of the patients visiting hospitals and suffering with specific medical problem is found helpful especially when a second visit is done by patient. Keeping up to date information is also helpful to maintain accounts effectively in hospitals.

Patient Medical Bill Tracker Software
Patient Medical Bill Tracker Software

Format Of Patient Medical Bill Tracker

Medicals bills are prepared differently for various healthcare bodies however the format is usually the same when created in Microsoft word template.

  • It should highlight hospital details on the top of sheet in form of hospital name, contact details like address and number.
  • The first part of bill consists of patient details like name, detailed address and his contact information.
  • The second part of medical bill constituted the medical treatment information provided to him.
  • Date, bed no, admission date and discharge date is mentioned in the template.
  • Total bill charged to patient can be easily calculated using this medical bill.
  • Doctor charges as well as nurse’s charges are also included in the medical bill.

Purpose of Medical Bill Tracker

It is important to become aware of the services and treatments used by patient and therefore to realize whether the charges they need to pay is realistic.

Medical bill format in word
Medical Bill Format

Medical Receipt template
Medical Receipt template

They are usually important when a second visit to hospital is made as doctors can realize what sort of treatment and medicines are prescribed for a patient. Once the medical history is tracked giving medical treatment at the current stage is regarded useful.


  1. How can I download this templates?

    1. Hi @Penda Sorry due to certain privacy reasons we can’t share direct download link.I have sent you email along with attached file of medical bill template. Hope you find it suitable according to your need.


  2. how can i download this software??

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