Payment Receipt template – Download Document

A receipt is a proof which has all the information about the transactions has made including details about the method of payment, product details, receivers and payers details. They are important for the verification of the transaction.

Payment receipt templates include automatic calculations when the amount is entered calculates the balance left, taxes which are applicable and the total amount to paid. Excel formulas are used to perform these calculations in a receipt automatically.

Payment Receipt template

Payment receipt template includes;

  • Company name
  • Date
  • Receipt number
  • Received from
  • Received by
  • Balance
  • Payment
  • New balance
  • Total amount
  • Signature

Downloading payment receipt templates will provide you with simple methods to make receipts for your transactions. You will not need to write and brief every detail about you, your company. Just enter the details of your transaction and your receipt will be ready.

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