Post Project analysis template report & Process

Having a description of the operations accomplished by project team and the operations which are in progress is a successful strategy adopted by managers who are responsible for completing a project in the given time period. Project analysis is useful to determine all the key indicators which are required in a project and which can have a direct impact on the project. A template is therefore chosen by company which can hold all the related information to a project.

Highlighting key indicators of the project analysis tool is useful as well as bullets points can be used to provide a brief description of the process. Highlighting resources and limiting factors can be identified. This practice is useful to understand what operations are being accomplished and to set dates for upcoming operations in the queue.

Format of project analysis template

  • Implementation status can be observed.
  • References and controls are added related to implementation status.
  • General requirements and establishing and managing the operations is added.
  • Documentation required and management commitment can be viewed.
  • The columns holding the headings count, compliance % and goal is stated.
  • Gap analysis is easy through this template sheet.
  • Recommendation can be added about operations.

Project risk analysis template

Analyzing the risks faced by different operations in a project is important to make project complete on time. The sheet prepared holds the company name and logo and reason for which the sheet is prepared. A table is added holding the headings key topics, issues and risk faced, responses, recommendation and solution of the problems.

Project cost analysis template

The template is usually formulated in excel consisting of a table holding the column headings budget, actual expenses previous month, expenses incurred in current month, ETC, revised forecast and variance. Straight line variance and weighted last month can be observed to view that project is according to budget or is under or over budgeted.

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