Printable Booth Rental Agreement Template

Regarding typical nature of business has different agreement documentation for rental or sales purchase of commercial area. Here are some terms and condition must enter in this agreement of both or salon starting business. Starting Date is very important, due to taxing, insurance of property, construction and other legal obligation issues.

In this agreement owner shall provide each and every entitled of property detail, like electricity system, water system, material and any
other if furnished system and keep the agreement copy for been at safe site at the other end resident must have also keep the same copy with the conscious of third part agent or lawyer.

Booth Rental Agreement TemplateExample Hair Saloon Booth Rental Agreement:

 Booth Rental AgreementDescription

  • Booth Rental Agreement Template
  • Name of Station
  • Owner’s name
  • Saloon Address
  • Saloon Name
  • Stylish Name
  • Address
  • PH No

Every business has different agreement regarding nature, so if you want any other agreement copy like, casino, beer bar, toys shop, restaurant and other IT base company than PLZ precede the procedure.


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