Review on business intelligence companies

Micro strategy software which makes business analysis and organization easy is composed by companies which have a basic role in providing help to business processes by making useful dashboards, reports and tables to help businesses to visualize on key indicators in the business. Business intelligence software are launched by different companies however before buying any software it is important to have a review on these companies and software’s launched by them.

Business intelligence software’s are basically launched with the purpose of making decision making better for the individuals who have this responsibility and authority in the company. Decisions can have short or long term effect on the company operations as well as profit making capability therefore making decisions are not only important for the current stage of the company in fact it decide the future of the company.

business intelligence companies

Top business intelligence companies

  • QLIK
  • TIBCO analytics
  • Micro strategy
  • Open text
  • IBM
  • Information builders
  • Microsoft
  • SAP
  • SAS

TIBCO analytics

Different software’s are launched by TIBCO analytics which is one of the most popular companies in designing and coming up with solutions for business progress analysis. Free trial is available therefore a person found it interesting can use it without any expense.

Data reporting and visualization is easy and servers can be used to give access to other departments of the company to the information. Dashboards and reports are available to analyze and collect data. Data related to decision making can be observed and used.

Micro strategy

As the name indicate the company is focused towards launching software’s and tools which are helpful in outlining strategies which can be beneficial for the company in the short term and long term. Dashboards and reports are used to show advanced analytics therefore decisions can be based on information available and collected.

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