Sample of Standard Bill of Lading Template

What thing consider in straight bill of lading template original not negotiable? Such items like Consignee and shipper must agreed on terms and condition according to particular company demand and policy. Short summary on bill of lading about company goal and mission and receiver to shipper notice should paste for risk management.

I will explain you in this post, that how you can create template in perfect condition. Where to put things exactly and how to manage this template in well-formatted shape? Third party billing to transportation bill of lading template everything will be paste on it.

Bill of lading Template

  • What and how much is Being Shipped
  • Who Pays?
  • Prepaid = Shipper
  • Collect = Receiver
  • Shipper sign that freight was shipped in good condition
  • Receive sign that freight was received in good condition
  • Carrier sign it was received in good condition

Designing of Standard Bill of Lading Template

In header section two most important things should be added like “origin of the freight” and “Destination of Freight” some space should be clear for essential items “Non-negotiable” Title of Bill of Lading and Shipper detail (Basic contacts, TEL, ADDRESS, and FAX).

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