Used Car Bill of Sale Template

The most commonly used bill of sale template is for the used car ownership transfer. A various number of people in today’s world very frequently keep on changing their cars from one model to another. For this procedure, there has to be some documentation about the procedure.

This document keeps record of the agreement made between the buyer and the seller keeping and protecting their rights about the transfer of the ownership of the vehicle. This bill of sale template can be difficult to make when needed. So this template can definitely help you.Used Car Bill of Sale Template

Example 1

Example 2

Used car bill of sale template includes:

  • Date
  • Buyers name
  • Price
  • Vehicle description
  • Make
  • Model
  • Millage
  • Seller signature
  • Buyers signature

Download free used cars and trailer bill of sale template on Microsoft excel for saving the time and hustle for making it when required. These templates can be edited and modified according to the agreement requirement, provided you with all the basic requirements when selling or buying a vehicle.

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