Workforce Analysis Template in Excel Spreadsheet

Before assuring the proper execution and maintained team for your project, workforce analysis is very important and productive. There are especially designed Excel analysis templates useful for this task which assists you in various assessments and evaluations regarding the potential description of your teams and employee.

By conducting this analysis, you can sort out if there is any lag in your task force or any low potential member present in the crew who can possible ruin your plan.

All these assessments and critical review about the potential and capacity of employees and teams devised for particular project work are the part of professional review.

Format of Workforce Analysis in Excel

As such there are no standard instructions regarding the format of workforce analysis, infect based on the nature of operations and types of responsibilities and project, there are different and varying factors included in this analytical part. Still the presence of some standard elements is necessary for the completion and successful outcome generation of this analysis.

While conducting it, you first need to gather the past record of recommended team members, their available resources, authorities, autonomy in decision making and their previous devised working approaches. All these elementary factors are important for the successful and precise results.

Workforce Analysis Template Excel

Salient Feature of Workforce Analysis

Some of the salient features regarding its generic format are listed below here;

  • List down all your employees
  • Categories them in different classes based on their tasks and responsibilities
  • State their previous responsibilities, efficiency of goal achievement through evaluation
  • State the effectiveness of their strategies to meet deadlines
  • Also add factors of hindrance obstructions in the midway
  • Compare the resultant outcomes of each employee to analyze more potential and capacitive one
  • After that, analyze the organizational behavior and professional tolerance of work force to carry on a project
  • Measure the extent of professionalism and efficiency lying in your team
  • Also assess the capability to cope up with instantly arising situations
  • Checkout the flexibility of decision making

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  1. Do you have a sample template or can I view the template online? Can decide to buy it if fits my purpose.

    1. Hi @Parag thanks for your visit, kindly check your email with attached file of workforce analysis template file. its free of cost. If you want add some more points you can ask us for customization.

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    1. HI @Scholley Bubenik please check your email and find attachment file of workforce analysis template. Hope you like it.


  3. could you provide me with the template also please?

    1. HI @Sergio Longoria thanks for your visit, I have sent you email along with attached file of workforce analysis spreadsheet, hope you like it.


  4. Could I get the template as well? thank you.

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